Took my bike to these guys on recommendation of a friend. Found them to be exceptionally professional and knowledgeabe. Owner (Joey) came out to greet me and discuss my bike and what I wanted done. Very friendly and these guys know their stuff. Their service is fantastic and they go out of their way for customers. I was out of town and could not make it back in time to pick up my bike, but I was offerred to meet me there after hours to pick it up…I’ve never gotten service like that at the dealership! These guys are top notch!

They have been doing all the work on my bike for the last two years and I can say it has been great working with them. They are a small business that genuinely loves what they are doing and it has been my experience that they truely care about their customers. On more than one occasion (yesterday being just one) Joey and team have saved me money by suggesting politely that I dont spend money on things I don’t need and always look for ways to more cost effectively do the work I do need. Sometimes there is an option to an OEM replacement, maybe I go with it or maybe not but either way I am thankful their standard response isn’t always the most expensive option available. Are they perfect? No, but then none of us are. Are they good folks trying to take care of their customers? All I can say is that has been my experience every time. To the folks at RSBK, thanks for all your hard work. I appreciate it.

Wow! The throttle response is smooth as butter. Please tell Betsy and Alex I said thanks for the great job. I can’t wait for some decent weather (and clean roads) to give it a better shake down but on just the ride home it was night and day.

Once again you all have given me spot-on advice. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your services. Thank you sir.


James, Betsy, Elvis, and owner, Joey, are what makes Superbike tops in my book, and I have many names in my bike repair tel. book. I’ve owned bikes since 1964, lived in several states, and have never been more pleased. Great service, great personalities, and great bench racing tales (all lies, mine included)==Thanks for all the help folks==Rojo sends his love and says he’ll see you at VIR